Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Oracle Think Tank

Okay then, as promised, will be talking about the Oracle Think Tank in this post. :D
Cheers to the Full Moon and Half Moon Goddess pictures above :D But anyways, i will be getting into the main topic.

Oracle Think Tank
> Super Large handsize from CEO's megablast or Tsukuyomi's Counter blast
> Quite stable with the checking of the top 5 cards using Tsukuyomi's ability.
> Can reach very high powers ( CEO 24k with milk boost )


The oracle think tank has the best grade 2s and 3s in my opinion, at least one of the best. They have got silent tom, which totally just rocks because your opponent will not be able to use triggers to guard for themselves. Also, Oracle think tank has a very good megablast, CEO amaterasu's megablast. It can reach 24k with a milk boost, and it's effect can be used as a rearguard too, thus it is very hard to guard for CEO's megablast. Even if you managed to guard through 15k minimum guard for vanguard, 10k and 10k for rearguard, it will still be very hand costing.

Oracle think tank also keeps insane hand sizes as their clan focuses on using hand size as an offense and defense. A lot of them have effects from the soul too, like tsukuyomi, secretary angel etc, as they require you to have at least 6 soul. This is easily achievable with half moon's ability and red eyes, psychic bird etc.

Oracle think tank is very hard to play with, and it is not recommended for beginner players as it requires a lot of deep thought and calculations for playing oracle think tank. You have to maintain deck size and also remember where you have put all your stacked triggers. This is because when u check the top 5 for a ride for tsukuyomi, you put all the double triggers together, thus when you thin your deck to the bottom, you will find that all your triggers are double triggers! Thus, oracle think tank in my opinion is a deck that requires lots of brainwork. 

In conclusion, this clan is very overpowered as it has a harass (Silent tom), hand power (blue scale deer, tsukuyomi, ceo etc) and it also can predict triggers ( stack trigger with moon, ceo checking the top card, cocoa checking for triggers)


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