Friday, 13 January 2012


Hi guys! It has really been awhile since our last blog post! Its because of BT05! Team Bloo-D has been busy hyping for Bt05 new combos etc. Austen is playing Neo Nectars and i am testing out the new dimensional polices and Murakumo Clan! Of course, we are still play testing them and do not have a confirmed deck list, in my next video, i will be featuring my Murakumo Deck!

We have openend a few boxes and it has been not bad! Many Miracle Beauties, a Phantom Blaster Overlord! Any Starcall Trumpeteer! Many Wingal Braves too!

Haha! I have to go now! In the next post i will be updating deck lists for my Oracle think tank and Murakumo!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hi Guys~ Random Post here

Hi Everyone! Today we are just going to do some random talk about vanguard! And if you have any topics that you want to talk about, please email this email (

Random Topic no.1
- Me and Teammate Austen went to buy 12 packs of Bt03 and i got the worst pulls in my life. I opened 3 and got a gigarex, still acceptable, at least a RRR, austen opened 9 packs and got nothing. He got 4 vermillion gatekeeper LOL :D, we were thinking of this deck to troll opponents. Like 4x of every starter we can think of.

4x Battle Raizer
4x Undeaux
4x Vermillion Gate Keeper
4x Lozenge Magus
4x .....

etc etc LOL. :D

Anyways, today i am not very free, so i will do my blog posts when i have some time, finish up all the Main Stream deck's reviews.

Btw, a few more days till silent tom has to face 13k vanguards XD

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Hello everybody! As our team mate Austen wanted to post something about GranBlue, then we have decided to have a post on the GranBlue clan instead XD.

Anyways, this is GranBlue for you~~~

So anyways, Pros and Cons about this clan!
>Able to call rear guards from the drop zone to help intercept and attack! (nightmist, skull dragon)
> Very conservative playstyle, unique!
> Cheap and Easy to make
> Also has a superior ride for them ( Spirit Exceed )

> It is a defensive deck as there are many low powered units so cannot be considered offensive, yet they are running 8 criticals in that deck :D
> Vulnerable Vanguard ( 8k shaman o.0)
> They give a stand trigger when some times your rearguard won't even get to hit after being stand.

This deck takes a bit of time to master too, as you need to time when you summon rear guards from your hand, when you summon rear guards using counter blast from your drop zone etc. 
Another problem when it comes to playing granblue, is that you have to make sure you do not deck out. Many granblue players deck themselves out by overmilling for their card's effects when its unnecessary. The key card to this deck is Demonic Sea King Basskirk. He can soul charge one to add 2k to his power for that turn. With a boost from evil shade at the back, he can reach 22k, 1 of 2 methods to make grandblue a 15k guard. The other method is by using skull dragon, his effect gives him 3k when the vanguard is a granblue, and with Dandy Romario behind him, he is 21k.

Ways to conserve your hand size include Basskirk's Megablast, if you can hold out to then, most likely you will get the advantage, captain nightmist, immortal skull dragon and necro shaman. All these help you save hand size in the terms of calling rear guards from your hand, thus you will have a not bad hand size. :D

However, the main problem is that most of your rearguards will be below 9k, so in the end, it is not so favorable in the terms of offense. :) This is the problem, a defensive deck with a offensive trigger line up!

The deck list will be given in the next post when we continue with our list of decks XD.

p.s. idk why everytime i put a picture, i will have to type this way :X sorry guys not so used to blogger LOL 

Dimensional Police

Hello Everyone! This is a post on the dimension police clan! In the past few posts, we have talked about different clans and how they play/how to play against them, so this post, i will be talking about the dimensional police clan.

Dimension Police
> Can reach base critical of 2 with just a few cards.
> Can reach quite high powers, like 27k with 2 cosmobeaks
> Makes opponent thinks a lot when to drop the negates.

> Weak against negates and high hand power clans
> weak against rear guard burning clans

This deck is a very simple deck. Its just mainly using a card called commander laurel. Commander laurel allows you to rest 4 of your rear guards to stand your vanguard, only after your vanguard hits. Thus, to stop people from doing drive check 4 times, many people guard a perfect guard a.k.a negate for that attack. There are two ways from doing this. One way is to attack the opponent's rearguard with your vanguard, and make sure that all of your other 4 rear guards are not attacking. Then, if he does guard, he might have dropped a perfect guard, and thats a good thing first, because you will give all your trigger effects to your rearguards and 2 of your rearguards have not attacked yet!

Soon, Bt05 is coming out, and there is a card inside called Miracle Beauty that can go very well with Enigman Rain, as enigman rain allows him to stand a unit when its attacks hit, thus when enigman rain stands a unit, it will stand Miracle Beauty, and then you can use laurel's effect as miracle beauty stands the rearguard in the same column as it when she stands, thus you get a free rearguard attack before you use laurel's effect!

Overall, dimension police is also a pretty beat down deck as it involves getting high power with cosmo beak etc, and when they have high power, they have effects like being able to stand a unit, being able to deal 2 bast damage instead of 1 etc..

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Oracle Think Tank

Okay then, as promised, will be talking about the Oracle Think Tank in this post. :D
Cheers to the Full Moon and Half Moon Goddess pictures above :D But anyways, i will be getting into the main topic.

Oracle Think Tank
> Super Large handsize from CEO's megablast or Tsukuyomi's Counter blast
> Quite stable with the checking of the top 5 cards using Tsukuyomi's ability.
> Can reach very high powers ( CEO 24k with milk boost )


The oracle think tank has the best grade 2s and 3s in my opinion, at least one of the best. They have got silent tom, which totally just rocks because your opponent will not be able to use triggers to guard for themselves. Also, Oracle think tank has a very good megablast, CEO amaterasu's megablast. It can reach 24k with a milk boost, and it's effect can be used as a rearguard too, thus it is very hard to guard for CEO's megablast. Even if you managed to guard through 15k minimum guard for vanguard, 10k and 10k for rearguard, it will still be very hand costing.

Oracle think tank also keeps insane hand sizes as their clan focuses on using hand size as an offense and defense. A lot of them have effects from the soul too, like tsukuyomi, secretary angel etc, as they require you to have at least 6 soul. This is easily achievable with half moon's ability and red eyes, psychic bird etc.

Oracle think tank is very hard to play with, and it is not recommended for beginner players as it requires a lot of deep thought and calculations for playing oracle think tank. You have to maintain deck size and also remember where you have put all your stacked triggers. This is because when u check the top 5 for a ride for tsukuyomi, you put all the double triggers together, thus when you thin your deck to the bottom, you will find that all your triggers are double triggers! Thus, oracle think tank in my opinion is a deck that requires lots of brainwork. 

In conclusion, this clan is very overpowered as it has a harass (Silent tom), hand power (blue scale deer, tsukuyomi, ceo etc) and it also can predict triggers ( stack trigger with moon, ceo checking the top card, cocoa checking for triggers)


Main Decks you will see nowadays

Hello everyone~ This is a post on the main few decks that you will see nowadays in tournaments. I might have missed out some, so please comment below on what i have missed out so this might be a learning opportunity for me too~ ^^.

Anyways, i will continue with my post.

In my opinion, then 2 decks that you will see most is Kagero and Royal Paladin. Not saying that Oracle think tank is any weaker than them, but from what i have saw, these two decks are the most often used by tournament players. Maybe its just because Oracle Think Tank is expensive and hard to make.. hmmm

Anyways, i will first talk about royal paladins and kageros.

Royal Paladins
> Swarm the field quite well as they have many effects for calling "friends" from their decks.
> They can also clear the rear guards with effects such as Blaster Blade's effect, it can clear an intercepter to make it a easier attack for you.
> Their powers can be insanely high ( palomedes, soul savior dragon )

> Weak when fighting against decks that retire your rear guards, especially when they start retiring your rearguards before you start to beat the hell out of them LOL!

Royal Paladin is a good deck, not a deck to be treated lightly with! They have cards like Blaster Blade, to remove interceptors for the kill, and they even have stuff like Palomedes, who can reach up to 21k with a 8k boost! Palomedes is good because his effect states that if you have 2 or more grade 3 vanguard/rearguard, he gets 3k extra, your vanguard must be grade 3, and when you call him, thats another grade 3! So if he is rearguard, he literally just gets free 3k!

There are also many versions of royal paladin, such as Galahad, King of knights and the Garmall Dogs. Galahad is played in most Royal Paladin Decks, at least the grade 1 and 2 Galahad, because they can check the top 5 cards of their deck to superior ride. Gives them 2 advantages, firstly, they make their deck more stable as they have lesser chances of misriding, 2nd, they save 1 card in their hand to ride their vanguard.

Garmall is they swarm the field with their different doggies and boost their vanguards to high power and their rearguards to high power too, which is a rush and beatdown deck.

> Has many cards that can retire your rearguards (e.g. berserk dragon, heat nail salamander )
> It has many superior rides ( Blazing Flare Dragon, Aleph )
> Its very flexible as it can be played against many decks, it just needs to retire units for the win~

> Lots and lots of planning required as to which unit you want to retire, and when to retire opponent's units. Sometimes, one wrong move and your opponent might get the advantage because you wasted a unit/counterblast.

Kagero is a very fierce deck, of which personally i am quite afraid of. Not because of their retiring skills, i could easily replace them with my oracle think tank's hand size, its the superior ride. Sometimes, they will superior ride when i am at grade 1 or 2! How fast is that, they get to twin drive before me, and when i say i no guard, most of the time they will get critical triggers, which will give them super big advantage in terms of damage and field.

However, one tip i have learnt from playing with kagero superior rides are that they waste lots of trigger and hand size in the attempt to superior ride to their grade 3s. This means that their defense will be down and it will be easier for you to strike into them.

I will have to say, that if a kagero deck were to face a royal paladin deck, they actually are at a huge disadvantage as the royal paladins/oracle think tanks are just too aggressive for the kagero's retiring to handle. However, vanguard is still a luck based game, so every deck has a chance to win ^^.

Okay, i have talked about the two more seen decks, now i will move on to the lesser seen decks, Nova Grappler, Oracle Think tank, Dimensional Police, Spike Brothers, Grand Blue and Mega Colony.

Nova Grappler
> Super Beat Down
> Fast deck

> Low power units compared to OTT/RP.

Nova Grappler decks are in my opinion, the most easy deck to play. It consist of units that keep standing due to effects, like Asura Kaiser, when you drive check a grade 3, you can stand one of your units, then they have stuff like Death Army Guy and Death Army Lady, which stands also when your vanguard drive checks a grade 3!

This deck is more towards the rush deck, where they rush your damage before you can do anything. There are also other builds of nova grapplers like the Raizer build, which utilizes the EB01 card Perfect Raizer, which can hit up to 31k per turn XD.

The last build of nova grappler is the Stern Blaukruger build, his effect where he can stand the vanguard XD.

Given all these stuff, i guess that nova grapplers can be considered a competitive deck, but if the nova grappler fails to beat down the opponent, like oracle think tank or royal paladin, its a sad day for them onwards in the game..

I will continue with the next few clans in the next posts! Be sure to check them out!



CF Vanguard Bt03 box opening and Oracle Think Tank Decklist!

Hi Everyone! Yesterday, me and another Bloo-D member, Ashley, opened a BT03 box, and we pulled everything that we wanted ^^. The RRRs were Palomedes, Half moon and Alice. The RRs were Underworld Hypnotist, Crimson Beast Tamer, Daiyusha, Edel Rose and Mirror Demon. All the RRs here are for sale, only if you live in Singapore, because we deal here only. The Palomedes and Half moon is not for sale, though the Alice is!

Haha, also, please suscribe to our youtube channel, VanguardTeamBlooD. Currently, there are no videos as we are still bringing videos over from each of our personal youtube channels to all put into our combined youtube channel. We will soon be uploading new duel videos between our team members/other people we meet in public!

Anyways, in this blog post, i will be giving my OTT decklist for you guys to have a look at! Do comment if you have any! Thanks!

Grade 0 : 17
1x God Hawk Ichibyoshi
4x Luck Bird
4x Critical Trigger
4x Draw Trigger
4x Heal Trigger

Grade 1: 14
2x Weather Girl Milk
4x Battle Sister Cocoa
4x Battle Sister Chocolat
4x Cresent moon goddess, Tsukuyomi

Grade 2: 12
4x Half moon goddess, Tsukuyomi
2x Wiseman
2x Promise Daughter
4x Oracle Guardian Red Eye

Grade 3 : 7
4x CEO Amaterasu
3x Full Moon Tsukuyomi

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello! Decklists for Vanguard

Hello everybody! This is Team Bloo-D here and this is our very first blogpost! We have a youtube channel too! It is called "VanguardTeamBlooD". Check it out and suscribe please. However, there is no videos on the youtube channel yet as we are transfering the videos from our old channels TeamTriterra and Chocomilk to this new channel!

Today's blogpost will be on the Dimensional Police Clan!
This is our decklist.

Grade 0:
1x Enigman Flow ( Starter)
4x Stand Trigger
4x Heal Trigger
4x Critical Trigger
4x Draw Trigger
Grade 1:
4x Commander Laurel
3x Glory Maker
3x Diamond Ace
4x Enigman Ripple
Grade 2:
2x Enigroid Comrade
2x Enigman Wave
4x Twin Order
4x Cosmobeak
Grade 3:
4x Daiyusha
3x Enigman Storm

Some of you might be wondering, why only 2 Wave? This is because wave can be searched out by Ripple's effect, thus i made space for 2 Enigroid Comrades as they are potential 20k so against 10k vanguards like CEO/Galahad and Full Moon w/o soul, and others, he is a 15k guard.

Grade 3s are played that way as this deck focuses on getting out more aggressive stunts like double criticals and stuff. However, i like to play it this way too depending on the situation. I have 5 units on the field, including my vanguard. I call a cosmobeak and counter blast to add 4k power NOT to my vanguard, but to a random rearguard. This way, my vanguard attacks first, if he negates my attack, i will give every trigger to the rear guard i powered up, and he might not be able to guard that attack. If he does not guard my vanguard's attack, then i will give every trigger to my vanguard, then use commander laurel's ability for me to drive check 4 times a turn! :D

Comment if you have any comments or suggestions thanks!