Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello! Decklists for Vanguard

Hello everybody! This is Team Bloo-D here and this is our very first blogpost! We have a youtube channel too! It is called "VanguardTeamBlooD". Check it out and suscribe please. However, there is no videos on the youtube channel yet as we are transfering the videos from our old channels TeamTriterra and Chocomilk to this new channel!

Today's blogpost will be on the Dimensional Police Clan!
This is our decklist.

Grade 0:
1x Enigman Flow ( Starter)
4x Stand Trigger
4x Heal Trigger
4x Critical Trigger
4x Draw Trigger
Grade 1:
4x Commander Laurel
3x Glory Maker
3x Diamond Ace
4x Enigman Ripple
Grade 2:
2x Enigroid Comrade
2x Enigman Wave
4x Twin Order
4x Cosmobeak
Grade 3:
4x Daiyusha
3x Enigman Storm

Some of you might be wondering, why only 2 Wave? This is because wave can be searched out by Ripple's effect, thus i made space for 2 Enigroid Comrades as they are potential 20k so against 10k vanguards like CEO/Galahad and Full Moon w/o soul, and others, he is a 15k guard.

Grade 3s are played that way as this deck focuses on getting out more aggressive stunts like double criticals and stuff. However, i like to play it this way too depending on the situation. I have 5 units on the field, including my vanguard. I call a cosmobeak and counter blast to add 4k power NOT to my vanguard, but to a random rearguard. This way, my vanguard attacks first, if he negates my attack, i will give every trigger to the rear guard i powered up, and he might not be able to guard that attack. If he does not guard my vanguard's attack, then i will give every trigger to my vanguard, then use commander laurel's ability for me to drive check 4 times a turn! :D

Comment if you have any comments or suggestions thanks!

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