Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Main Decks you will see nowadays

Hello everyone~ This is a post on the main few decks that you will see nowadays in tournaments. I might have missed out some, so please comment below on what i have missed out so this might be a learning opportunity for me too~ ^^.

Anyways, i will continue with my post.

In my opinion, then 2 decks that you will see most is Kagero and Royal Paladin. Not saying that Oracle think tank is any weaker than them, but from what i have saw, these two decks are the most often used by tournament players. Maybe its just because Oracle Think Tank is expensive and hard to make.. hmmm

Anyways, i will first talk about royal paladins and kageros.

Royal Paladins
> Swarm the field quite well as they have many effects for calling "friends" from their decks.
> They can also clear the rear guards with effects such as Blaster Blade's effect, it can clear an intercepter to make it a easier attack for you.
> Their powers can be insanely high ( palomedes, soul savior dragon )

> Weak when fighting against decks that retire your rear guards, especially when they start retiring your rearguards before you start to beat the hell out of them LOL!

Royal Paladin is a good deck, not a deck to be treated lightly with! They have cards like Blaster Blade, to remove interceptors for the kill, and they even have stuff like Palomedes, who can reach up to 21k with a 8k boost! Palomedes is good because his effect states that if you have 2 or more grade 3 vanguard/rearguard, he gets 3k extra, your vanguard must be grade 3, and when you call him, thats another grade 3! So if he is rearguard, he literally just gets free 3k!

There are also many versions of royal paladin, such as Galahad, King of knights and the Garmall Dogs. Galahad is played in most Royal Paladin Decks, at least the grade 1 and 2 Galahad, because they can check the top 5 cards of their deck to superior ride. Gives them 2 advantages, firstly, they make their deck more stable as they have lesser chances of misriding, 2nd, they save 1 card in their hand to ride their vanguard.

Garmall is they swarm the field with their different doggies and boost their vanguards to high power and their rearguards to high power too, which is a rush and beatdown deck.

> Has many cards that can retire your rearguards (e.g. berserk dragon, heat nail salamander )
> It has many superior rides ( Blazing Flare Dragon, Aleph )
> Its very flexible as it can be played against many decks, it just needs to retire units for the win~

> Lots and lots of planning required as to which unit you want to retire, and when to retire opponent's units. Sometimes, one wrong move and your opponent might get the advantage because you wasted a unit/counterblast.

Kagero is a very fierce deck, of which personally i am quite afraid of. Not because of their retiring skills, i could easily replace them with my oracle think tank's hand size, its the superior ride. Sometimes, they will superior ride when i am at grade 1 or 2! How fast is that, they get to twin drive before me, and when i say i no guard, most of the time they will get critical triggers, which will give them super big advantage in terms of damage and field.

However, one tip i have learnt from playing with kagero superior rides are that they waste lots of trigger and hand size in the attempt to superior ride to their grade 3s. This means that their defense will be down and it will be easier for you to strike into them.

I will have to say, that if a kagero deck were to face a royal paladin deck, they actually are at a huge disadvantage as the royal paladins/oracle think tanks are just too aggressive for the kagero's retiring to handle. However, vanguard is still a luck based game, so every deck has a chance to win ^^.

Okay, i have talked about the two more seen decks, now i will move on to the lesser seen decks, Nova Grappler, Oracle Think tank, Dimensional Police, Spike Brothers, Grand Blue and Mega Colony.

Nova Grappler
> Super Beat Down
> Fast deck

> Low power units compared to OTT/RP.

Nova Grappler decks are in my opinion, the most easy deck to play. It consist of units that keep standing due to effects, like Asura Kaiser, when you drive check a grade 3, you can stand one of your units, then they have stuff like Death Army Guy and Death Army Lady, which stands also when your vanguard drive checks a grade 3!

This deck is more towards the rush deck, where they rush your damage before you can do anything. There are also other builds of nova grapplers like the Raizer build, which utilizes the EB01 card Perfect Raizer, which can hit up to 31k per turn XD.

The last build of nova grappler is the Stern Blaukruger build, his effect where he can stand the vanguard XD.

Given all these stuff, i guess that nova grapplers can be considered a competitive deck, but if the nova grappler fails to beat down the opponent, like oracle think tank or royal paladin, its a sad day for them onwards in the game..

I will continue with the next few clans in the next posts! Be sure to check them out!



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