Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hi Guys~ Random Post here

Hi Everyone! Today we are just going to do some random talk about vanguard! And if you have any topics that you want to talk about, please email this email (

Random Topic no.1
- Me and Teammate Austen went to buy 12 packs of Bt03 and i got the worst pulls in my life. I opened 3 and got a gigarex, still acceptable, at least a RRR, austen opened 9 packs and got nothing. He got 4 vermillion gatekeeper LOL :D, we were thinking of this deck to troll opponents. Like 4x of every starter we can think of.

4x Battle Raizer
4x Undeaux
4x Vermillion Gate Keeper
4x Lozenge Magus
4x .....

etc etc LOL. :D

Anyways, today i am not very free, so i will do my blog posts when i have some time, finish up all the Main Stream deck's reviews.

Btw, a few more days till silent tom has to face 13k vanguards XD

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