Wednesday, 4 January 2012

CF Vanguard Bt03 box opening and Oracle Think Tank Decklist!

Hi Everyone! Yesterday, me and another Bloo-D member, Ashley, opened a BT03 box, and we pulled everything that we wanted ^^. The RRRs were Palomedes, Half moon and Alice. The RRs were Underworld Hypnotist, Crimson Beast Tamer, Daiyusha, Edel Rose and Mirror Demon. All the RRs here are for sale, only if you live in Singapore, because we deal here only. The Palomedes and Half moon is not for sale, though the Alice is!

Haha, also, please suscribe to our youtube channel, VanguardTeamBlooD. Currently, there are no videos as we are still bringing videos over from each of our personal youtube channels to all put into our combined youtube channel. We will soon be uploading new duel videos between our team members/other people we meet in public!

Anyways, in this blog post, i will be giving my OTT decklist for you guys to have a look at! Do comment if you have any! Thanks!

Grade 0 : 17
1x God Hawk Ichibyoshi
4x Luck Bird
4x Critical Trigger
4x Draw Trigger
4x Heal Trigger

Grade 1: 14
2x Weather Girl Milk
4x Battle Sister Cocoa
4x Battle Sister Chocolat
4x Cresent moon goddess, Tsukuyomi

Grade 2: 12
4x Half moon goddess, Tsukuyomi
2x Wiseman
2x Promise Daughter
4x Oracle Guardian Red Eye

Grade 3 : 7
4x CEO Amaterasu
3x Full Moon Tsukuyomi

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