Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dimensional Police

Hello Everyone! This is a post on the dimension police clan! In the past few posts, we have talked about different clans and how they play/how to play against them, so this post, i will be talking about the dimensional police clan.

Dimension Police
> Can reach base critical of 2 with just a few cards.
> Can reach quite high powers, like 27k with 2 cosmobeaks
> Makes opponent thinks a lot when to drop the negates.

> Weak against negates and high hand power clans
> weak against rear guard burning clans

This deck is a very simple deck. Its just mainly using a card called commander laurel. Commander laurel allows you to rest 4 of your rear guards to stand your vanguard, only after your vanguard hits. Thus, to stop people from doing drive check 4 times, many people guard a perfect guard a.k.a negate for that attack. There are two ways from doing this. One way is to attack the opponent's rearguard with your vanguard, and make sure that all of your other 4 rear guards are not attacking. Then, if he does guard, he might have dropped a perfect guard, and thats a good thing first, because you will give all your trigger effects to your rearguards and 2 of your rearguards have not attacked yet!

Soon, Bt05 is coming out, and there is a card inside called Miracle Beauty that can go very well with Enigman Rain, as enigman rain allows him to stand a unit when its attacks hit, thus when enigman rain stands a unit, it will stand Miracle Beauty, and then you can use laurel's effect as miracle beauty stands the rearguard in the same column as it when she stands, thus you get a free rearguard attack before you use laurel's effect!

Overall, dimension police is also a pretty beat down deck as it involves getting high power with cosmo beak etc, and when they have high power, they have effects like being able to stand a unit, being able to deal 2 bast damage instead of 1 etc..

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