Thursday, 5 January 2012


Hello everybody! As our team mate Austen wanted to post something about GranBlue, then we have decided to have a post on the GranBlue clan instead XD.

Anyways, this is GranBlue for you~~~

So anyways, Pros and Cons about this clan!
>Able to call rear guards from the drop zone to help intercept and attack! (nightmist, skull dragon)
> Very conservative playstyle, unique!
> Cheap and Easy to make
> Also has a superior ride for them ( Spirit Exceed )

> It is a defensive deck as there are many low powered units so cannot be considered offensive, yet they are running 8 criticals in that deck :D
> Vulnerable Vanguard ( 8k shaman o.0)
> They give a stand trigger when some times your rearguard won't even get to hit after being stand.

This deck takes a bit of time to master too, as you need to time when you summon rear guards from your hand, when you summon rear guards using counter blast from your drop zone etc. 
Another problem when it comes to playing granblue, is that you have to make sure you do not deck out. Many granblue players deck themselves out by overmilling for their card's effects when its unnecessary. The key card to this deck is Demonic Sea King Basskirk. He can soul charge one to add 2k to his power for that turn. With a boost from evil shade at the back, he can reach 22k, 1 of 2 methods to make grandblue a 15k guard. The other method is by using skull dragon, his effect gives him 3k when the vanguard is a granblue, and with Dandy Romario behind him, he is 21k.

Ways to conserve your hand size include Basskirk's Megablast, if you can hold out to then, most likely you will get the advantage, captain nightmist, immortal skull dragon and necro shaman. All these help you save hand size in the terms of calling rear guards from your hand, thus you will have a not bad hand size. :D

However, the main problem is that most of your rearguards will be below 9k, so in the end, it is not so favorable in the terms of offense. :) This is the problem, a defensive deck with a offensive trigger line up!

The deck list will be given in the next post when we continue with our list of decks XD.

p.s. idk why everytime i put a picture, i will have to type this way :X sorry guys not so used to blogger LOL 

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