Friday, 13 January 2012


Hi guys! It has really been awhile since our last blog post! Its because of BT05! Team Bloo-D has been busy hyping for Bt05 new combos etc. Austen is playing Neo Nectars and i am testing out the new dimensional polices and Murakumo Clan! Of course, we are still play testing them and do not have a confirmed deck list, in my next video, i will be featuring my Murakumo Deck!

We have openend a few boxes and it has been not bad! Many Miracle Beauties, a Phantom Blaster Overlord! Any Starcall Trumpeteer! Many Wingal Braves too!

Haha! I have to go now! In the next post i will be updating deck lists for my Oracle think tank and Murakumo!

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